eBook " Professional Architectural Visualizations with Cinema 4D " (Vol. 1, PDF, english version)

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eBook " Professional Architectural Visualizations with Cinema 4D " (Vol. 1, PDF, english version)


eBook: F. Adrom, Professional architectural visualizations with Cinema 4D (Vol. 1), Munich 2022

Pages: 220

Illustrations: ca. 250

Cinema 4D-Version R20 or later (version used: S24), Vray for Cinema 4D (v5 or v6) / Corona Renderer (v9)

The chapter about textiles presents a workflow for Marvelous Designer. An excursus covers the creation of trees with Forester and XFrog.

 Project files and resources

The project files for the “Urban Villa” scene can be acquired (for Corona Renderer or Vray5) via adrom3d.gumroad.com


The series "Professional architectural visualizations with Cinema 4D" guides the reader through the various steps of a visualization project, starting with the idea and planning, continuing with the 3D modeling of the scene elements, the material-, lighting- and render-setup, finishing with the rendering itself and the final post-production steps. All processes, techniques and methods are described and illustrated in a way that is comprehensible to beginners, giving the reader an overview of all steps necessary to create stunning architectural visualizations with Cinema 4D.

The first volume of the two-part series deals with questions of scene conceptualization as well as with the modeling process of the 3D objects of the "Urban Villa" scene. An insight into efficient scene management rounds off the range of topics covered in this volume.

Table of content (1st volume “1. Concept & Modeling”):


Project files

Software used

Plugins and extensions

Project sections

1. Conceptual section

1.1 Stylistic criteria

1.2 Asset management

1.3 Inspirations & References

1.4 Templates

1.5 Optimization

2. Modeling section

2.1 Techniques and methods

2.2 Templates

2.3 Exterior walls

2.4 Windows

2.5 Roof

2.6 Roof and facade elements

2.7 Interior walls

2.8 Sidewalks and road

2.9 Street staging

2.10 Gravel beds

2.11 Textiles

2.12 Furniture

2.13 Other assets

2.14 Plants

2.15 Grass and meadow

3. Scene management

3.1 Layer management

3.2 Takes management

4. Conclusion

5. Outlook

About the author

Faried Adrom is a 3D design-, photogrammetry- and Cinema 4D-enthusiast from Munich and has been working in the 3D and visualization business for more than 14 years. As a former university lecturer, he also knows how to communicate complex content.

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